Nrsimha Caturdasi and SRS vyasa puja

Attention! Attention!

The long-awaited moment has come: we can celebrate Nrisimha Caturdasi and Srila Sivarama Swami Maharaja’s vyasa puja together again. If you would like to offer guru-daksina to Srila Sivarama Swami Maharaja, you can either send your donation through bank, via SRS PayPal or give it to me on the day of the festival:

The bank account details are the following:

Name of the bank: MKB Bank Zrt.

Address of the bank: 1056 Budapest, Váci u. 38.

Swift (BIC) code: MKKBHUHB

Account holder and its address: MKTHK, 1039 Budapest, Lehel u. 15-17. IBAN: HU28 1030 0002 1053 4404 4902 0028

Comment section: SRSdaksin – your name

The PayPal address is: Via Paypal: [email protected] 

If you would like to offer a present to Maharaja, my humble request is to please consider if Maharaja really needs it or he would be happier if you would offer daksina to him.

If you would like to offer donations towards the festival, you can do so on the following page:  


The schedule for the festival days are the following:

13th May (Friday)


Srila Sivarama Swami Maharaja vyasa puja celebration

14th May (Saturday)


Nrsimha Caturdasi


15th May (Sunday)


Please note: there might be slight changes in the program schedule.

In the temple of Sri Sri Rádhá Syámasundara, front of the Murti's devotees should sing only in proper Vaisnava clothing during the morning or evening programs or bhajans.
Prabhu's  shaved  face and head with fine Vaisnava Tilaka wear dothi and kurta.
Mataji's in sari and with head covered and also with fine Vaisnava Tilaka.

Registration and fees:

All the national festivals are free. However, we would like to ask you to contribute to the successful organization of the festival by offering your services and donations.  Prasadam will be charged at 3.200,- HUF/head/per feast for those devotees who registered in advance. On Friday and Monday the breakfast will cost 850,- HUF/person, and the lunch will be 1.500,- HUF/person.

We are receiving guests from abroad too in accordance with the current health and safety regulations issued by the Hungarian Government.

Bahir nrisimha hridaye nrisimhah:

"Let Lord Nrisimhadeva sit in the core of my heart, killing all my bad propensities. Let my mind become clean so that I may peacefully worship the Lord and bring peace to the entire world.” (Srimad-Bhagavatam 5.18.9. purport).

„By the mercy of the spiritual master one receives the benediction of Krisna. Without the grace of the spiritual master, one cannot make any advancement. Therefore, I should always remember and praise the spiritual master. At least three times a day I should offer my respectful obeisances unto the lotus feet of my spiritual master.” (Sri Gurv-astaka, Last verse)