Dear Guests,

Krishna Valley has three individual activities:  religion, tourism and organic farming, and in the past few years the number of guests visiting has increased to about 25-30 thousand annually.  Krishna Valley is not an exhibition village so the guests can get a glimpse into the daily life of the residents.  All numbers of visitors are welcome and we have a special program for groups too.  At the center of Krishna Valley and the life of its residents is the temple. The building itself fits nicely into the landscape, since it has been built in the local architectural style, but inside it is richly decorated with Indian motifs, pillars, colorful dioramas and paintings. 

Visitors can take a tour around the organic garden, the cowshed, the apiary, the gift shop and there is a restaurant too. You can take a short walk from the reception to the temple building through the organic botanic garden. Indian style pavilions, ponds, huge elephant statues and special species of plants are viewed on the way.