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In our quarterly newsletters you can learn about the current news of New Vraja-dhama: what kind of special things happen in the daily worship of Radha-Syama, how the festivals are celebrated in Krishna Valley, how the devotees living far from here connect to Radha-Syama and Their abode... And we give regular reports about the developments of the Nitya-seva project: how many new members joined the group of the Nitya-seva donors, which days are available to choose as the day of your worship...

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26th issue - Nitya-seva Newsletter

Dec 10, 2017

 November, 2017.  Dear Devotees, The month of November always begins full of excitement and expectation for the devotees living in Krishna Valley, as the Srila Prabhupada book distribution marathon always starts two weeks earlier than in other centres. The devotees are eagerly...


25th issue - Nitya-seva newsletter

Nov 11, 2017

 October, 2017. Dear Devotees, Kartika began early at the beginning of the month of October this year, along with other bigger festivals being celebrated in Krishna Valley too.  On the eve of Saradiya Rasayatra it has become the local tradition after the evening program and...


24th issue - Nitya-seva Newsletter

Oct 11, 2017

 September 2017 - 24th issue  Dear Devotees, The month of September brought unusually cool weather, so the days tended to be quiet in New Vraja Dhama.  This season brings to an end not only working on the land, but tourism too, as each week fewer guests come to visit...


23rd issue - Nitya-seva Newsletter

Sep 14, 2017

 August 2017 - 23rd issue  Dear Devotees,   This year the festival dates were all very early in the Vaisnava calendar, so our celebrations continued throughout the whole of August! First the appearance day of Lord Balarama:  we visited the holy places connected to His...


22nd issue - Nitya-seva Newsletter

Aug 09, 2017

 July, 2017.  Dear Devotees,   We held Krishna Valley’s Bucsu festival on the third weekend of July as usual. During those three days Radha-Syama had almost 7000 guests! This festival always depends on the great cooperation from members of the Hungarian yatra.  It takes a...


21st issue - Nitya-seva newsletter

Jul 15, 2017

 June, 2017.  Dear Devotees, Summer is here and Radha-Syama Are receiving so many visitors every day!  It is wonderful to see how the beauty, tranquility and purity of Krishna Valley fascinates people, along with how the devotees introduce the dhama to the guests with great...


20th issue - Nitya-seva Newsletter

Jun 11, 2017

 May, 2017.    Dear Devotees,  We were very happy to see so many of you at our festivals held in May at New Vraja Dhama!  It was lovely being in your association and celebrating together. We thank you so much for the presents and donations you offered to Radha-...


19th issue - Nitya-seva Newsletter

May 10, 2017

 April, 2017  Dear Devotees, The most outstanding event of April was the appearance day of Lord Ramacandra.  Syamasundara enchanted the minds of the devotees holding His bow, and Radha-Syama received a new evening outfit for the occasion.  The reign of Lord Ramacandra,...


18th issue - Nitya-seva Newsletter

May 10, 2017

 March, 2017.  Dear Devotees, This year we celebrated Gaura Purnima both in New Vraja-dhama and Budapest!  In Krishna Valley we had the festival the day before the main celebration, which was held at the Budapest Temple on Gaura Purnima day itself. Here, in New Vraja Dhama, at...


17th issue - Nitya-seva newsletter

Mar 09, 2017

 February, 2017   Dear Devotees, This year on the day of Vasanta Pancami – which marks the beginning of spring in India – New Vraja-dhama was, as in the past few years covered with snow. Only the altar was in a spring mood: Radha-Syama wore a beautiful yellow outfit as per the...


16th issue - Nitya-seva newsletter

Feb 12, 2017

 January, 2017 - 16th issue  Dear Devotees, At the end of January we celebrated the anniversary of the installation of Sri Sri Dayal-Nitai Vijaya-Gauranga at the Budapest Temple. In this issue of the newsletter you can read about the adventurous arrival of Their Lordships. On...


15th issue - Nitya-seva newsletter

Jan 27, 2017

December, 2016 - 15th issue  Dear Devotees,   The month of December was spent in the mood of book-distribution in Krishna Valley, even on the altar!  Many of Radha-Syama’s pujaris went out on full time sankirtana, which meant devotees from other departments got the...