18th issue - Nitya-seva Newsletter

 March, 2017.

 Dear Devotees,

This year we celebrated Gaura Purnima both in New Vraja-dhama and Budapest!  In Krishna Valley we had the festival the day before the main celebration, which was held at the Budapest Temple on Gaura Purnima day itself. Here, in New Vraja Dhama, at this time, Gaura Nataraja had a special abhiseka: while watching the bathing of Lord Caitanya, we heard from the pujaris about the meaning and importance of the abhiseka ceremony along with each offering. The devotees were enchanted at the sight of Radha-Syama in Their new outfit, and new matching backdrop too!  They received on this festival a new evening outfit as well.


The next day we took darshan of Dayal-Nitai Vijaya-Gauranga in Their new festival outfit. All day long we were chanting and hearing about Their glories. We have already mentioned in one of the previous issues of the newsletter, that this year marked the 24th anniversary of the installation of the small Gaura-Nitai Deities, and the 23rd anniversary of the installation of the big Deities. When Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu was present on this planet 500 years ago, He traveled throughout India spreading the chanting of the holy names with His associates, but did not cross the boundaries of the Indian continent. They entrusted the worldwide spreading of the chanting to Their dear devotee, Srila AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. He achieved tremenduous results in a little more than ten years in fulfilling Their desire, and his followers still make serious efforts to continue on with his mission to fulfill the prediction of Lord Caitanya, that the holy names will be heard in every town and village of the world.

Srila Prabhupada installed Deities in many places in the Western world, so although Gaura and Nitai didn’t have Their pastimes outside of India while They were personally present, They arrived in different countries as Their Deity forms to liberate the most fallen. All this by the grace of Srila Prabhupada and his sincere followers.  Sri Sri Dayal-Nitai Vijaya-Gauranga came to liberate all of Hungary wanting to give Their mercy to everyone without discrimination. The devotees know the innermost desires of the Lord and know what gives Him the greatest pleasure, so on the day of the festival besides all the 'usual' offerings and worship, they offered a maha-harinama too for the pleasure of Their Lordships.

And what happened on the Nitya-seva frontline?… There is a kind devotee couple who pay their Nitya-seva contribution in installments. Recently someone stole a greater amount of money from their business. However the lakshmi was located quickly along with the person who committed the theft.  The couple immediately decided to offer that lakshmi (which was more than their normal monthly installment) to the Nitya-seva project. In this way the unfortunate event became a most fortunate and auspicious offering, making a bigger step closer to achieving Their goal. Surely you all have your stories about how you collect your donations for Radha-Syamasundara and Gaura-Nitai, and how They help your dedicated efforts in Their service. Even if we are unable to write about most of these stories, we are very grateful to all of you who participate in supporting the daily worship of Radha-Syama and Gaura-Nitai. Surely you are all feeling the reciprocation and blessings of Their Lordships in your hearts, and in your lives for your sincere service.

In April we have lots of days waiting for Their contributors:

In the first week of April:  only 5th and 8th are booked,

in the second week:  we have free days between 13th and 16th,

in the third week only 20th is taken and 

in the fourth week only 29th is booked!

Jaya Radha-Syama!
10th April, 2017.

In the name of the Nitya-seva team your servant,
Syamajiu dasi

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